To give this toy is to give love.

I started crocheting over 10 years ago, and soon I knew this would be a part of my life forever.
I was first crocheting as part of my at-that-time-job. I was working with mentally disabled and people with mentall issues and quickly I noticed they can benefit alot with learning how to crochet and togheter we made many awesome things.

When I saw, there is pretty much anything you can do with yarn and hook it was imposible to stop doing new and new things. These items soon became my way of showing my loved ones that I care for them.

But when I got my kids - that is when the true party started :)
Love and care for them made me investigate different materials since I only wanted them to have quality and healthy items. The little one still sometimes chews on things and I didn't want to worry about things he is putting in his mouth.
And with all that I started devoloping my passion for healthy and ecologic items and I am trying to put all that togheter in what I can offer to others.

I started making them funny hats, cute toys, cool things to wear and eventually many moms around me wished the same.
I choose only ecologic packaging and some of it's actually reusable too.

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